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The Historical Society has a wide array of resources pertaining to the history of Boone County. In the upcoming months visit this site for inventories of available resources around the community in conducting your research.

Vast Records Available for Research

Our records include a variety of cemetery records, census records, family histories, city directories, plat maps, as well as county and town histories. Three histories of Boone County (1880, 1902 and 1914) have been published containing biographical material on 1142 families. Several smaller towns have published local histories but the two largest towns, Boone and Ogden, have not published histories. The county has three long established newspapers (ca 1860) but, like similar publications, they are not indexed.

We also have some index records for local newspapers, birth, marriage, and death records. Boone County began recording births and deaths in 1880 and marriages in 1850. Iowa passed a mandatory vital records registration law in July 1921. Prior to that time less than 50% of the vital events were registered. Boone County was no exception. The Boone County Courthouse recorder’s office is willing to make unofficial copies (birth, marriage, death, probate) of their records for $5 a piece.

Available State Resources

The state also has copies of vital records. For current state fees and processes, researchers are advised to call 515-281-5871 for a recorded message with this information.

Iowa Department of Health
Vital Records Section
Lucas Office Building
321 East 12th Street
Des Moines, IA 50319.

Research Yourself or Ask Us for Help

We welcome researchers to stop by during our normal business hours at the History Center Museum and utilize our resources. Researching on your own is completely free, we just ask that you pay for any copies made. We also gladly welcome donations! If you are an out-of-state researcher or an individual who is unable to visit us yourself we will be happy to assist in any way that we can. If you e-mail us as much information as you can and specific questions about facts that you are looking for we will give you a free evaluation of how much time it might take us to answer your request. Our rate for research is $15 an hour with one hour as a minimum. Payment is considered, by us, a contribution to the society.

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