Our Donors are the Best!

These are the wonderful folks who gave to the Boone County Historical Society
in the past year, in order to preserve Boone County’s history.
Please join us in thanking them!!

People who donated money or equipment to the Society for its general use; some funds are specifically designated.

People who donated $25 per Trail Tales issue.

People who donated a minimum of $5 per month to the Society.

People who have donated $1,000 to $4,999. Their names are engraved on a plaque and placed on the wall of the
History Center.

General Donors

Linda & Paul Millis

Michael Hammond

Boone Garden Club

Larry & K.K. Pearson

Bill Lusher & Ellen Fairchild

Maureen Horsley

For the Kate Shelley Museum & Park:
Miles Sitterle, Sam Davidson
& Angela Lange
Julie Sitterle
Randy & Lindsay Cox
Douglas & Angela Marvin
David Gibson
Bobby Miller Fishing Tournament
Kathi Zimmerman (in memory of Jim Zimmerman)

In Memory of Belle Cleaveland:
D. J. Lauritsen
Vicki & Alison Williams
Brian & Diane Byriel
Linda Bethel
Donald & Linda Cook
Marcia Wegman
McVicker LLC
Evelyn Stevenson
Phyllis Steim
Jennifer Johnson
Peter & Sandra Wells
Alan & Isla Johnson
Lisa Kuehl

Trail Tales Donors

Doug & Ann Gustafson

Rita Knight

Lisa Kobernusz in memory
of Vera Krengel

Mike & Jaclyn Tungesvik

Jim & Sherry Carlson

Linda & Paul Millis

Toby & Mary Brown

Lloyd & Janet Hart

 Karen Pearson
in honor of
Larry E. Pearson

Larry Adams
in memory of
Larry E. Pearson

History Center Sustaining Members

Fran Frazier

Mike & Jaclyn Tungesvik

Neil & Ginny Goeppinger

Linda & Paul Millis

Jeanne & Craig Wiebke

Bob & Kim Ohge

Travis & Lisa Risvold

Karen Pearson
in honor of
Larry E. Pearson

Museum Benefactors

Dennis & Patricia Kollbaum

Joshua & Carey Knight

Diana Wright & Nan Sloan

Mike & Lynn Sundall
in honor of:
Gloria & Vernon Moorman,
Kenny, Mary & Diann Sundall,
and Morris Kelley

Midland Power Cooperative

Greg Stribling
in honor of:
Betty Lou Stribling

People who recently Donated or Lent Historical Artifacts to the Society:

  • Mike Metcalf
  • Julie Patten
  • Dick Jordan’s Family
  • Kendall Young Library


  • Barbara Huddleston
  • Kathy Svec
  • Kathy Grabau
  • Charlie Masek


  • Katie Mickle
  • Janelle Givens
  • Bridgitt Belau


Many, many thanks to all of our donors. We couldn’t preserve Boone County’s history without your generous donations!

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