Our Donors are the Best!

These are the wonderful folks who gave to the Boone County Historical Society
this year in order to preserve Boone County’s history.
Please join us in thanking them!!

General donors are people who gave any amount of money or equipment to the Society.

Trail Tales Donors are people who donated $25 per issue. 

History Center Sustaining Members donate a minimum of $5 per month to the Society. 

Members who donate $1,000
or more will have their name engraved on a plaque and placed on the wall of the
History Center.

General Donors

Steven Shaler

Jennifer Hanson

Denny & Terry Van Hemert

Randy Patterson

Sandy Madden

Dianna Sutton

Dale Burman

John & Jane Cook

Dennis & Patricia Kollbaum

Rita Knight

Condon’s Service Ltd.

Larry & Karen Pearson

PDM Distribution Services, Inc.

Stecker Concrete Inc.

Casey’s General Stores, Inc.

Dan & Cyndi Brogden

Spring-Green Lawn Care

Barbara Butler

Jon & Deb Sunstrom

Martha A. Anderson

Delores K. Miller

Trail Tales Donors

Condon’s Service, Ltd.

Dale Burman

John & Jane Cook

Neil Goeppinger

Mary Moffitt Anderson

Lois Davis

Stecker Concrete Inc.

Jeanne Wiebke


Stan & Marleen Moffitt

Rita Knight

Dan & Cyndi Brogden

George Eckstein


June Isaacson

Dick’s Fire Extinguisher Service

John R. Cook

Madrid Historical Society

Angela F. (McVay Mead) Marvin

History Center Sustaining Members

Dale Burman

Condon’s Service, Ltd.

Mary Moffitt Anderson

Karen Van Buskirk

Rita Knight

Dan & Cyndi Brogden

John R. Cook

Museum Benefactors

Dennis & Patricia Kollbaum

Joshua & Carey Knight

People who have Donated or Lent Artifacts

  • Rev. Mark Pflughoeft

  • Janelle Henry

  • Marlene Becker-Marden

  • Helen Newcomb

  • The Doris King Family

  • Jon Barstad

  • Barbara Welander

  • Caree Severson

  • Jeff Bollenbaugh

  • Marianne Berger Woods

  • Louis Krupp

  • Mary Fairbanks

Many, many thanks to all of our donors. We couldn’t preserve Boone County’s history without your generous donations!

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